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“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” – Sun Tzu

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We close the chasm between Business and Cyber Security


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Rainier Group has been in Business since 2012

PWC 2016 Annual Global CEO Survey

"78% of Australian CEOs see more threats today than three years ago" - PwC

82% Cyber Security
73% Cost Reduction
73% Technology Agility
65% Skills Shortage
67% Analytics
63% Social Media
53% CRM

According to PwC, the top three technologies that will generate the greatest return in Australia are:

Advisory Board

Steven Durbin

Managing Director, Information Security Forum Ltd

Tony Guerrero

Managing Partner, Rainier Group

Dean Lane

Principal, The Office of the CIO

Consulting Team

Stephan Guerrero

MBA, Analytics

Lisa Bridgett

PhD, Analytics

Layo Adebayo

MBA, Analytics

Omayra Cordero

MBA, Analytics

Michael Scholz

MBA, Innovation

Michele Di Salvia

MBA, Innovation

Martin Santibanez

MBA, Finance

Symonne Torpy

M.A., Innovation

Pablo Coronel

MBA, Finance

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Cyber Risk

The maturity of the digital age has opened opportunities for organisations to conduct business online, in most cases achieving a significant competitive advantage. This new wave has also exposed the need for securing the way organisations conduct business. Cyber Security research illustrates the transition from Hacktivism (12%) to Cyber Crime (74%) as the prime motives behind attacks for large and medium organisations.

Statistical Analysis for Management

Small and large organisations need to have accurate and timely forecasts for sales, marketing and operations. As a business grows, these forecasts become more complex when including information technology. There are a number of factors that must be kept in mind when deciding the best statistical framework for your data. Organisations use statistical significance to understand how strongly the results of the strategy will influence the decision they make.

Business Management for IT

Organisations invest available funds in capital projects including Information Technology. Historically, these investments did not require financial due diligence, as technology is a necessity to compete in the information age. As the digital age rapidly grown, companies are now required to evaluate the reasons and process before committing to a project. Capital Budgeting techniques are commonly used to compare these technical solutions.

Operations Management

The digital age has opened a number of new opportunities for an organisation go to market, customer service expectations have changed, consumers expected in most cases real time interaction with their vendors and suppliers. Effective Operations Management improves efficiency and customer experience simultaneously.

About Us

Rainier Group Australia is a team of senior consultants experienced in closing the chasm between business and risk management.

Our team are senior consultants with in depth business, risk and information management experience; these insights and the rigors of postgraduate research bring to our engagements current competitive and actionable results. We specialise in: Cyber Risk, Cyber Security, Cyber Resilience, Statistical Analysis for Management, Business Management for IT and Operations Management.

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